Why are glasses so expensive?

Glasses are part and parcel of most of our lives. You might belong to any age group glasses might be a necessity. Good vision is important to everyone. People are wearing glasses for different reasons but the basic aim is to protect eyes from stains. However, at times buying a superior quality glass expensive.

Did you ever have a minute to think why eyeglasses are expensive? Or did you ever think to buy affordable prescription glasses just to save money? I will explain in this article: why are glasses expensive and the reasons to buy them. The material of the frames remains the same, as it was a few decades back.

Before I start let me tell you clearly that all glasses are expensive and buy the end you will know why. Frames will be either metal or plastic. The price of glasses is something which makes a big hole in the pocket. In the coming days, the price will indeed rise just for our well-being. In short, we will get better versions for a better experience.

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Two very important questions before you purchase your first pair of glasses

   • Why you should not purchase cheap glasses?

Low price eyewear glasses mean low in quality. Whenever we log in to our social media profile, we can see many eyes wear companies with various discounts and offers. Local shops also sell glasses at cheap rates. The design might be the same as some brands but it is too good to be true. It feels good to save money but it is not good for the long run.

Inexpensive glasses add more cost on repair and waste a lot of time and energy. All the lenses and their coating vary according to the price. The cheaper the price low will be its quality. Please do not fall into this trap. An eminent brand will never lessen its price just to sell.


  • Why you should not buy plastic glasses?

Honestly speaking plastic glasses look bright and beautiful. A few years back plastic frames wherein as in people would prefer to buy it. Manufacturers preferred to make plastic glasses. This is because plastic glasses are light in weight, easy to carry, and less expensive. Now the story has changed completely.

Eyewear brands do not like to make plastic frames as because it is sensitive to the skin. It also turns and twists easily. Inexpensive plastic frames or glasses do get scratch more easily. Sometimes harsh weather conditions erode plastics glasses.


What are kinds of glasses and why they are expensive?

    • Prescription glasses: Firstly, coming to these kinds of glasses, it is expensive because of their frame, lens coating, and longevity. For buying a prescription glass instead of going for the style and shape look for its longevity. Remember one thing these glasses we wear all the time so it has to be lightweight, flexible and strong. Keeping all these points in mind, the manufacturers increase the price of the products.

    • Gaming glasses: You cannot enjoy 4K monitors, graphics cards, and vaporwave lighting if your eyes are not feeling comfortable. This is something I will say from the point of view of an avid gamer. Gaming glasses are made keeping in mind some matters like protecting the eyes. Wearing these glasses will protect you from headaches, dry eyes, pain in the back or neck. The blue light blocking gaming glasses may be expensive because of their added features. Still buying such glasses is worth every penny. 
    • Sunglasses: These glasses are just to add zeal to your look. Most people buy expensive sunglasses for following the latest trends of a fashion statement. However, the sole purpose of purchasing a pair of sunglasses is to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. Stylists say sunglasses with proper UV protection will be costly and there are no two ways about it. These days it is really important to protect the eyes from the sun's rays. An expensive sunglass adds to the glamour quotient and increases your confidence. All over the world, all the reputed brands produce a lens with certain coatings for better vision.
    • Kid’s eyewear: Randomly walking to an optician’s shop and buying a random glass will not protect your child’s vision. Always buy your child’s eyeglass as prescribed by the doctor. If your child wear’s the glass for the first then he or she will be conscious. Hence, do buy glasses, which are attractive, modern, and easy to wear. Inexpensive glasses do not stay in place and kids tend to look over the top of the frame. Although buying high-quality glasses for kids cost higher still people find it worth paying for them.
    • Sports glasses: Mostly people buy expensive sports glasses. These glasses are expensive because they are durable and at the same time protect your eyes from harmful sunlight. Sportspersons are also fashion conscious these days. During the designing time of sports glasses, the fashion part is also considered. Additionally, the qualities of lenses, glasses, or frames are superior so these glasses are expensive.

Most of the sunglasses are rimless, have UV protection, and anti-reflective coating. These glasses are flexible and do not bend or break easily. Expensive sports eye wears have a foam insert in them. This is because it protects the gear and the user’s eye from the wind.

Some eyewear companies manufacture expensive glasses because of the design, materials, manufacturing expertise, and structure. Expensive glasses are lightweight and sit comfortably on the bridge of your nose. Cheap ones are heavy and cause discomfort whenever you wear them. Never, treat a pair of glasses as luxurious accessories instead think it to be a necessity to keep your eye health in the best condition. Buy expensive glasses and they will serve you for the next 3 or 4 years.

If you are concerned about the style factor then buy two or three glasses and keep changing when it is necessary. However, do not buy inexpensive ones. Maybe you do not need to believe in buying expensive glasses but this is something you need for safety and protection. Remember one thing for sure it is an investment to proper your vision. Before concluding, I would like to add for your eyes checkups prefer visiting an eye specialist once in 6 months. Doctors never want hiss patients to buy random glasses. Our eyes are our assets and safeguarding them is our duty.


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