How to remove scratches from glasses?

I am very sure every person who wears spectacles regularly gets scratches on the glasses. It becomes irritating. Firstly, there will be a vision problem, which might give you a headache. Sometimes there can be a problem in seeing as well. Do not worry anymore. In this write-up, I will tell you how to remove scratches from your glasses (irrespective of their length).

Before fixing the scratches let us, first come to know how it happens

  • Most of the lenses are not of glass material: These days most eyeglass manufacturing companies use plastic of better quality. Glass can be dangerous as it is closer to our eyes. Though plastic is safe than glass; however, it tends to scratch very easily. Sometimes while cleaning the surface the plastic can get a scratch.

  • Dust particles cling to the lenses: Any kind of dust materials or debris clings to plastic material very easily. Removing it as in rubbing the lenses with the dust or grit (unknowingly) can cause scratches here and there.

  • Using of thick fabrics: Sometimes fabrics do not look thick but while using it on the glass surface it may cause a scratch. At times, while cleaning the glasses people make this mistake. In short, they end up having a scratch. Try to use damn tissue paper, facial tissues, toilet paper, or soft towels while cleaning. You can always buy the soft material cloth (microfiber cloth) which is available in the optician’s shop.

  • Not handling properly: Generally, people who wear glasses all the time forget to carry their cover or pouch while traveling. These people end up keeping it in the bag or pocket. Sometimes we hang it on the shirt we are wearing. From next time when they go to wear the glasses, they see small scratches everywhere. Hence, the best thing you can do is carry the hardcover case wherever you go.

  • Keeping the eyeglasses inside the glass: This is a common mistake, which everyone does. Many people leave their eyeglasses inside the hot car. High temperatures inside the car will destroy the spectacles. Exposure to high temperatures for a longer period will damage the rim or the coating. By default, scratches will happen and you cannot stop it. Now that you came to know how harmful your hot car be please from next time do not leave it and go.


5 methods or items you need to remove the scratches are: -

  • Use your toothpaste: Firstly, you do not need to buy expensive toothpaste from a pharmacy. Just use the one, which is there in your washroom. However, it should not be gel toothpaste. It will be better if it has baking soda as one of its ingredients (check the cover). Clean the glass surface and then dry it completely. After that, add a small dab of your toothpaste directly to the scratch. Further, you start rubbing a bit in a circular motion. Do this step with a soft damp cloth. Keep rubbing for 30 seconds. After this wipe it off and rinse it in water. If you still see, the scratches then continue to do the process in the same manner.

  • Use a metal polish: Most of us do not know that metal polishes do wonders on our glasses. If you can use it in the right manner, surely the scratches will vanish forever. Before you start with this step, make sure that your glasses are dirt-free. There should not be any dust particles. Take a small cotton ball, add a small amount of the metal polish, and buff it in the scratch. Again, use a clean damp cloth and gently rub it in a circular motion. Remove the excess metal polish. Be careful with the amount you are taking, too much metal polish will damage the glasses.

  • Use any transparent or clear nail polish: Apart from looking good on a woman’s hand, it has other functions as well. It is the best thing that you can use on the scratches. As usual clean and dry the glass surface of your eyeglass. Then apply a very thin layer of the nail polish directly to the scratch. Use the brush of the bottle, better not to use your finger. Give some time to dry completely. The nail polish will slowly sink in to fill the scratch. If there is extra polish, use your nail paint remover to polish off.

  • Use baking soda: Well, this is the best DIY to get rid of the scratches. Take a pinch of the baking soda and mix it with water in a bowl. Keep mixing until it forms a paste. Now rub the paste onto the scratch. Keep doing this for few seconds and in a circular motion. Then rub the excess with warm water and a clean soft cloth.

  • Use vehicle cleaner wax: This is great for mending any scratches on plastic lens and glass surface. Again, you need to use a soft cotton piece of cloth, keep rubbing it until the scratch vanishes. Now clean your glasses again with a fresh piece of soft cotton cloth.


By now, you got a fair idea of why scratches happen and how to remove them. Next time if your prescription eyeglasses or gaming glass get scratches do not panic and follow the steps that we have discussed.

Save this article, read it, and follow all the steps diligently. Surely, you can remove the scratches without spending a single penny rather than stepping out from your house. The materials that you need to use for cleaning eyeglasses are mostly available in your home.

You cannot go to the optician’s shop and ask to add a protective coating. Once there is a small scratch, a coating cannot help. If you feel you are careless with your glasses then please add scratch-resistant coating on the surface. You can get such coating at the time of purchasing the glasses.

For kids, it will better to buy glasses with scratch-resistant coating. This coating comes with a guarantee. Any problem regarding this issue your opticians can replace it or fix it. Hence, avoid making unnecessary expenses by replacing old glasses with new ones.