Eyeglasses Sizing Guide:
Finding the Perfect Fit

Discover the essentials of eyeglasses sizing
through our comprehensive guide.
We cover everything from understanding
frame measurements to choosing the right
size. Say goodbye to ill-fitting glasses and
hello to comfort and confidence.

How To Measure Your Face For Glasses

Not everyone who needs new glasses has an old pair for reference. In such cases, assessing your face size can help estimate your ideal glasses size. The best way to ensure the right fit is to learn how to measure your face for glasses. You can find multiple methods below to determine your face size, frame size, and frame measurements.

Method 1: Using Debit/Credit Card

Did you know you could find out your frame size with your debit/credit cards too?

Interestingly, the standard width of the card can be compared to a medium-sized (M) frame. Let’s see how. Place one edge of the card at the center of your nose as shown in the image, and observe:

◦ If the width of the card extends beyond the tip of your eye, a (S) Small frame is what you need.
◦ The other end of the card ends at the tip of your eye, a (M) Medium-sized frame would fit you right.
◦ If the edge of the card ends before reaching the tip of your eye, you’ll likely need a (L) Large-sized frame.

Key Note: At Syght, most of our collections fall under the Medium size category. This is because our frames are designed with an ideal face size in mind. If you're unsure of your frame size, consider trying a medium frame, as it fits most people.

While we've helped millions of happy customers find their perfect frames, in a rare case where you encounter any size issues, you can take advantage of our 30-day, no questions asked returns policy.

Method 2: Know Your Current Frame Size

If you currently wear glasses, inspect the inner arm or bridge of your frames for numbers like "52-18-140". Here's what each number represents:

Lens Width (52): Indicates the width of each lens.
Bridge Size (18): Refers to the distance between the lenses.
Temple Length (140): Measures the length of the temple arm.

This method offers a straightforward way to identify your current frame size, helping you make informed decisions when selecting new glasses.

Our frames are categorized based on the width of the frame front. To assist you in selecting the right size for your comfort and style, refer to the table below, which shows how we classify frame sizes based on the front width:

Frame Size Front Width Range
Narrow Below 130 mm
Medium 130 - 140 mm
Wide Above 140 mm

Method 3: Measure Frame Width from Front Screw to Screw

To measure the frame width of your existing eyeglasses, locate the screws on the front of the frame near the hinges where the temples connect. Then, use a ruler or measuring tape to measure the distance horizontally between these screws. This measurement represents the width of your frames.

Compare this width to our frame categories: narrow (below 130 mm), medium (130 - 140 mm), and wide (above 140 mm). Once you know your frame width, you can use our filter section to browse eyeglasses that match your preferred width category.

Method 4: Using A Clothing Size Guide

You’d wonder how a clothing guide can help you. But broadly, your regular T-shirt can help you solve this mystery like a pro. Here’s how -

People who typically wear Small (S) size clothing:
Your face structure is likely smaller, so frames with a lens width of 50mm or less would likely fit you comfortably.

If you typically wear Medium (M) or Large (L) size clothing:
Frames with a lens width between 51mm to 54mm would be suitable for you.

For those who wear Extra Large (XL) or Extra Extra Large (XXL) size clothing:
Opt for glasses with a width of 55mm or more to ensure a proper fit.

Method 5: Use Virtual Try-On

Explore our virtual try-on feature, allowing you to visualize various frames and styles on your face. Simply upload a photo or use your device's camera to effortlessly try on glasses from the comfort of your own home.

With this interactive tool, you can confidently select the perfect frames that complement your unique style and facial features. Experiment with different options and find the ideal pair that suits you best.

Method 6: Still Confused? We Can Help.

If you need help choosing your perfect optical glasses, please contact us, we'd love to help you choose the best fit and the right style.

Additionally, with our 30-Day Fit & Style Guarantee, you can shop with confidence knowing that returns are hassle-free.


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