How to fix Your Broken Gaming Glasses?

Parents keep blaming their children for playing games on the Internet. They are often worried about their children's health, spending so much time staring at the computer screen.


However, gaming as a career option possesses great potential for children. Therefore, you must not prohibit your child from pursuing their interest. Instead of scolding and shouting at your kids, buy them a gaming glass, which will protect their eyes from strains while gaming.


Most people complain about the breaking of their gaming glasses and often hassles to fix them out. Although these glasses are durable, they often break due to over-excitement, accidents, or carelessness. Purchasing new gaming glasses can drive out every single penny from your pocket. Therefore fixing the broken gaming glasses here is a good option.


If you are also hunting around the Internet to learn how to fix your gaming glasses, you are at the right stop. As here, we will share the methods to repair how glasses and add a touch of newness to them. So without any further ado, let's explore the steps:



Here is the Step By Step procedure to fix broken glasses.

  1. Use of solid wire: The very first step to start with is to use a solid wire for its longevity. Preferably use a wire made of a solid conductor. The wire should not entwine with each other, which will change their original shape. However, also ensure that the wire is entirely insulation-proof. It will be ideal if you have your hands on the wires which were previously used on telephones.

  2. Now begin with the wrapping part: Actually, this is the initial step of fixing the gaming glasses. You just need to start wrapping the frame with solid wire. Simply use your hands to wrap the wire. Make sure to use the longer section of the solid wire. Gently push the longer section as it extends until the end of the part reaches the other half. Now fix both the sections firmly. Keep extra wire handy, and then continue wrapping the other part.

  3. Complete the wrapping and soldering: This is one of the essential steps to efficiently fix the glass - 

      1. Hold the sections carefully together and continue with your wrapping work. Make sure that the broken part is in the middle.  

      2. Use Scotch's 860, which will act as a temporary adhesive for soldering the glass. 

      3. Keep flexing the wire to ensure efficient soldering. 

      4. Try to solidify the bond between the sections but do not add any extra layer. Efficiently solder the wire and the frame of the glass.

  1. Add another layer and complete the process: To add a pinch of solidity to the joints, add another layer of wire. And then solder the new layer following the step mentioned aboveEnsure you do not leave any air pockets between the layers. Start to solder from the very first layer to make the bonds between the layers more.


Ways to fix Bent Glasses of Metal Frames


This process is just like a child's play. All you need is a soft, thin piece of cotton cloth (preferably use a napkin or a handkerchief) and plastic-tipped pliers. Now just follow here simply steps –


  1. Firstly, take the thin piece of cotton cloth and place it on a table. Then keep the glasses on it to prevent any damage. 

  2. Ensure that the cloth is dirt-free and wrinkle-less. 

  3. Now, keep the plier on the bent part of the frame.

  4. Now hold it firmly and adjust the glass as per requirements.  

  5. Wear it, see whether you have fit it correctly or not, and make changes accordingly


Five ways to straight the plastic frames of Gaming Glasses


Most of us prefer to visit an optician's shop to fix the plastic frame of glasses. However, it is pretty simple, and anyone can do it at home. All you need is a bowl to fit the glasses and lukewarm water.


  1. Items you need: Take a bowl (not too deep) of lukewarm water. Adjust the temperature accordingly. Make sure the temperature is extreme as plastic frames are not resistant to hot water. 

  2. Time limit: Now, just drop your gaming glasses in the bowl for 30 seconds to 1 minute, not more than that. 

  3. Use your delicate fingers: Hold the glasses carefully (remember it is still fragile) to make minor changes. Apply slight pressure with your fingers. 

  4. Adjustment: Finally, after wearing, if you think there is a need for more adjustment. Try to use your finger. Apply the above-mentioned process to reframe the glasses.  Wait for less than a minute, and the complete fixing work will be done. 


Read this write-up and follow all the steps diligently to ensure proper fixing of the glasses. This article will guide you to efficiently fix your gaming glass. It will save much of your time and money. And once you are done, I am sure you will be proud of yourself because you did not need to pay any service charges. Surely you will give a pat on your back. 


Just a small suggestion, once you make up your mind to fix the gaming glasses, find the problem's node. And try to figure out the ideal steps to fix it. Do not rush with any steps; go slow. Generally, all glasses are fragile and need cautious treatment. If you force the glasses or the frame to get back in shape, then you might end it snapping. 



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