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    Nikola - Smart Eyewear

    Frame size : M
    Select Color: Silver / Blue Light Filter
    Select Lens Coating: Silver / Blue Light Filter

    Blue Light Filter

    Virtually clear lenses that block blue light and protecting the eyes all day.

    No Extra Caoating

    Virtually clear lenses that block blue light and protecting the eyes all day.

    Blue Light Filter with Scratch Resistance Coating

    Scratch resistance coating on clear lenses, increase your lens longevity with extra scratch protection.

    Blue Light Filter with Photochromic Layer

    Light-adjusting lenses that are designed to be transparent indoors and automatically darken in sunlight. Allows eyeglasses and sunglasses to be one.

    Blue Light Filter with Scratch Resistance Coating & Photochromic Layer

    Light-adjusting lenses with scratch resistance coating on it, designed to be transparent indoors and automatically darken in sunlight with extra scratch protection.

      30 Day Money Back Guarantee
     30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    Product Description
    Touch Control

    An effortless touch interface embedded into the arm of the frames delivers features at your fingertips.

    Enjoy Music Anywhere

    With Bone conduction technology, Enjoy audio anywhere, comfortably, and Safely.

    Reduce Digital Eye Strain

    Enjoy digital time with Syght smart gaming glasses. Do not worry about eye fatigue and blurred vision.

    All Major Virtual Assitant

    Control your device or make phone calls by talking to or tapping on your glasses by activating Alexa, Siri, Google Now or Cortana.

    Product Specification:

     Model  Nikola
     Rim Type  Full Rim / Half Rim
     Glasses Type  Bluetooth
     Compatibility Any Device(Smartphone, Computer, Tablet, etc.) has Bluetooth and communication functions
     Charging time Less than 1 hour by exclusive charging cable
     Material  TR90 and Metal
     Frame Shape  Rectangle and round
     Frame Size  Medium and Large
     Wireless Range 40 feet / 13 meters
     Bluetooth  5.0
     Battery 45mAh*2 Lithium Polymer
     Stand-by time 7 Days
     Weight   40 g

    Beautiful Package Includes:

    • 1 x Pair of Nikola Smart Glasses

    • 1 x Protective Case

    • 1 x Protective Pouch

    • 1 x Microfiber Soft Cleaning Cloth

    • 1 x Charging Cable

    • 1 x User Manual



    Meet Syght Smart Glasses, the innovative spectacles that combine headphones and gaming glasses to offer you the most convenient solution for gaming, audio entertainment and visual protection. More than just a pair of glasses, Syght Smart Glasses allows you to use your cellphone without touching it and control your smart home devices. Additionally, Syght Glass is available in different lens and frame options to meet everyone's needs.



    Supported by bone conduction technology and integrated with Alexa, Syght Glass lets you

    1. Enjoy audio anywhere, comfortably and SAFELY.
    2. Make hands-free calls during sports and driving.
    3. Wake up voice assistants on your cellphone.
    4. Control your smart home devices from anywhere.


    "Syght blue light blocking lenses help eliminate eye strain from computer screens, making both day and night more comfortable for your eyes and brain" 


    * Precisely positioned to direct sound at you and away from everyone else, so your music is for you and only you.
    * Premium materials and lenses make Syght Frames perfect for a life on the go.
    * Block up to 95% of harmful blue rays with premium, scratch-resistant lenses.
    * One button control - Power on/off. Accept/reject calls. Play/pause music. Adjust Volume. And access your phone’s virtual assistant, like Siri.
    * With nothing in or on your ears, you can hear the world around you while enjoying your music.
    * From Black & Orange to Blue, choose the look that best fits you with the Syght's Anti-blue lens Collection.
    * Perfect Combination of Bluetooth Headphone and gaming glasses.
    * Sweatproof Sport Style.

    Frame & Measurements M
    Frame Size (In mm)


    Frame Width




    Temple Length


    Lens Height


    Lens Width

    Note: We have over 1 million happy customers. All our products come with a 30-Day No questions asked returns policy. If you are not satisfied with the fit, you can return the glasses, and we'll refund your entire purchase amount.
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    At Syght Glass, Enjoy Free Worldwide Shipping on orders over $60. We offer 30 Day Product Guarantee, allowing customers to make an equal exchange or return with no questions asked. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your order, you may return it within the first 30 days. The warranty period starts from the delivery date marked in the invoice and/or in the covering note.

    Your order for Non-Rx Glasses will be processed immediately and is often shipped from our warehouse the same business day or the next business day. If your order contains prescription or custom lenses, please allow additional 2-3 business days for your order to ship.

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    For the first 30 days, you're entitled to a full refund or 100% store credit.

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    What People Are Saying About Syght Glass


    "Absolutely love my pair of Syght gaming glasses. As soon as I put them on the first time, I could notice a difference. My head aches went away, and no more eye strain. Along with gaming I wear them around the house and at the work place and I would recommend them to anyone."

    - Zach W.

    "I have been using these glasses since past 6 months. really adore it, wear it everyday. Like others I am intense computer user and a part time gamer. Highly recommend it."

    - Alexander O.

    "I loved it. I tested it for a few weeks. Without them and with them. When I use them I don't get headaches from the eyes when I play games for a while."

    - Emily K.

    "Your glasses has made the world of difference for me! I used to get headache from watching a couple episodes on tv and gaming! After purchasing your glasses in hope of actually being able to play video games with my partner I was blown away! Thank you so much for making an affordable lenses that I can even wear to work!"

    - David B.

    "I stay up late watching television or playing video games with no lights on and the glasses give my eyes a rest from being affected by the blue light which caused me to get prescription glasses for when I drive at night! Love the style of my glasses and great for use when gaming for extended period of time."

    - Aaron K.

    "I always keep my eyes on a screen. Whether it be editing a video, gaming, cell phone, watching a movie on a plane. These glasses have kept me from having headaches, from tired, dried, and heavy eyes. Definitely worth every penny!"

    - Maxwell H.

    "Am an avid gamer and watch many movies/ TV serials. My eyes would hurt and tear whenever I was on the desktop at work or on my Ipad / PS4 at home, but not anymore. Now my eyes are more relaxed and I feel less strain as well. This product was a perfect fit for me. Am so happy with this purchase that am going to buy another."

    - Eduardo T.

    "These glasses are awesome! When i played video games I would get really bad headaches so I ordered these to try and help that. Did the job perfect, headaches gone! Super comfy and easy to wear and worth the money. The cleaning cloth was really helpful too!"

    - Daniel P.

    "They were alot better than I expected, they work like they are supposed to and the box came with a nice eye cleaning cloth. The glasses feel like they should be alot more expensive than they are."

    - Belinda E.
    Size Guide
    We have over 1 million happy customers. Yet, in case you're uncomfortable ordering due to size/fitment issues, don't worry. All our products come with a 30-Day No questions asked returns policy. You can return the frame & we'll refund your full order amount, including the money you have paid for Lenses.