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    Expect More From Your Gaming Glasses

    • Touch Control

      An effortless touch interface embedded into the arm of the frames delivers features at your fingertips.

    • Enjoy Music Anywhere

      With Bone conduction technology, Enjoy audio anywhere, comfortably, and Safely.

    • Reduce Digital Eye Strain

      Enjoy digital time with Syght smart gaming glasses. Do not worry about eye fatigue and blurred vision.

    • All Major Virtual Assitant

      Control your device or make phone calls by talking to or tapping on your glasses by activating Alexa, Siri, Google Now or Cortana

    Smart Bluetooth Gaming Glasses [Best Bluetooth Glasses]

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    A. Bone-conduction technology was initially invented for medical and military purposes. SYGHT products deliver the sounds to your skull via vibration.

    A. Yes, we provide a one-year warranty for product defects. 

    A. Syght smart glasses are available in 4 styles and one size each:

    NIKOLA Black: 56–15-145,
    NIKOLA Silver: 55–19-145,
    NIKOLA Gold: 55–18-145,

    HEDY: 56–17-144.

    A. Switch on the device, the left and right temple start pairing, red, and blue light flash alternatively. When pairing is completed, lights are off and hear the tone "Done".

    1) First-time connection: Click "Setting" on your mobile phone, laptop, or any smart devices, click and turn on Bluetooth on your mobile phone or smart devices. Search Bluetooth name "WG-KX SYGHT", click to connect it.
    2) Second-time connection: When switching your Syght smart eyewear on, it'll connect to your mobile phone or any other smart devices automatically.
    If you have difficulty, make sure your Level glasses are charged, and your wireless connection to Level is activated on your phone.

    A. The glasses are designed to be water-resistant (although they are not meant to be submerged in water). Dry your glasses with a soft cloth if they get wet, paying careful attention to the charging port. Allow the glasses to completely dry before attempting to charge.

    A. Plug USB charging cable into an active source of power and connect it into the revealed charging port. Once charging, the LED light on the inside of the temple should red. When the light will off, it is fully charged.

    A. The standby is 15 days for regular use, like taking phone calls and listening to music for 2 hours per day. It can last 2-3 days.

    A. Syght glasses are compatible with phones with an Andriod or iOS system and all other smart devices that support the Bluetooth system.

    A. There is one LED visual indicator near the front, inside both “arm” or temple. The LED will be off when the glasses are not connected to the charging cable. During charging, it will continue red and disappear when fully charged.

    A. According to FDA research, there exists no evidence that links health problems to prolonged exposure to radiofrequency fields, such as those produced by cell phones, Wi-Fi, etc. For comparison’s sake, Syght transmits 160 microwatts of output power via wireless connectivity. A cell phone transmits roughly 251 milliwatts (or, about 1,600 times as much). Wi-Fi transmits about 200 milliwatts of output power (or, about 1,250 times as much). 

    A. Yes, both prescription and non-prescription can be accommodated. Level glasses also look really cool as prescription and non-prescription anti-blue glasses—in our not-so-humble opinion.

    A. Bone conduction is a very common phenomenon. When you cover your ears, you can hear the sound of your voice through bone conduction. For another, some bone conduction hearing aid has been approved by the FDA, suggesting that it will not harm the human body.

    A. The electronics in your glasses will perform best when kept in the recommended temperature range of -4°F to 140°F. When charging, make sure that the temperature is not outside the 32°F to 113°F range. Like other electronics, leaving your Syght glasses on the dashboard of your car on a hot day is also not recommended as the heat can damage the electronics and warp the frame materials. And just like all eyeglasses, to better protect your Syght glasses, we recommend that you put them in their case, wrapped in the lens cloth, when not in use.

    A. The lenses and frames should be cleaned with lens cleaning fluid (with no more than 6% isopropyl alcohol), drying well with a soft lens cloth. However, avoid placing excessive amounts of rubbing alcohol on the temple with the LED light. Do not submerge in any liquid. Allow the glasses to dry before attempting to charge.

    A. You may find the size details of all four frames under the "Dimension" section of our product page. To specify, the NIKOLA - Black comes with half-frame, the NIKOLA Silver & Gold frames are round, and the HEDY is somewhat rectangle sport style. You can choose it according to your preference.

    A. We offer prescription lenses as well. Choose the "Prescription Lens" option from the product page, and you can submit your prescription details while placing an order, and our lens manufacturer will produce the lenses according to your requests.

    A. Yes in most cases. The bone conduction technology transfers sound through our skull's bone, so it does not block our ears. You can still hear the surroundings while listening to the audio from Syght Glass, assuring you a safe experience.

    Size Guide
    We have over 1 million happy customers. Yet, in case you're uncomfortable ordering due to size/fitment issues, don't worry. All our products come with a 30-Day No questions asked returns policy. You can return the frame & we'll refund your full order amount, including the money you have paid for Lenses.