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    Benefits of Syght Blue Light Lenses


    Our brain and bodies operate off of something called our circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is a 24-hour internal clock that helps us stay awake during our daylight hours and sleep long periods at night.

    Our natural wake/sleep cycle is affected heavily by blue light. When we absorb blue light, our brain assumes it is the daytime, which makes it send a signal to our bodies to stay awake. Now that blue light is present in devices, we can absorb that light long after the sun has gone down, which can:

    • Suppress melatonin production and disrupt our circadian rhythm
    • Cause headaches
    • Cause blurred vision and other signs of digital eye strain


    There are things that can be done to protect your eyes year-round from overexposure to blue light so you can sleep better, have fewer headaches, reduce digital eye strain, and prevent other potentially harmful effects of exposure.

    • Wear Syght Gaming Glasses during the day to reduce digital eye strain and headaches
    • Wear Syght Gaming Glasses at night to filter out blue light that disrupts your sleep/wake cycle
    • Wear UV blocking sunglasses year-round outside

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