Square vs Round: Which Eyewear Shape Suits you?

Eyeglass frames come in a variety of shapes such as a square shape, round shape, heart shape and many more but square and round being two of the most popular options in men and women.

With so many eyeglass frame shapes to choose from, it can be tricky finding the perfect pair that complements your facial features. Two of the most popular styles—square and round frames—each have their own unique benefits. But which one is best for your face shape? We’ll compare the key differences and how to choose the most flattering option.

Analyzing Your Face Shape

Before deciding between square vs round frames, it’s important to objectively analyze the natural lines of your face. Key aspects to consider are:

Face Shape Guide

  • Width of your forehead compared to jawline
  • Angles and curvature of your jawline
  • Prominence of your cheekbones
  • The overall shape from forehead to chin

Those with softer, curved features typically suit square frames best as they add definition. Shaper, well-defined faces tend to be balanced out by round frames which soften harsh lines.

Take the time to study photos of your bare face from multiple angles while determining if your base shape leans square, round, oval, diamond, oblong etc. This provides helpful insight when comparing eyewear.

Square Glass Frames

Square glass frame or rectangular glass frames have sharp corners and straight lines. These frames suit those with strong, angular facial features.

Pros and Cons of Square Glasses Frames

Square or rectangular eyeglasses have straight lines and sharp 90 degree angles. The blocky shape helps sharpen softer facial definition.


  • Make round or oval faces appear slimmer and more structured
  • Give the illusion of prominent cheekbones and a chiseled jaw
  • Distinct modern style


  • Can overwhelm narrow or petite features
  • Can accentuate facial lines if features already angular

If you have a heart, oval or round face, square frames likely suit you best. They minemize width and add the appearance of angles to soft lines.

Round Glass Frames

Pros and Cons of Round Glasses Frames

As their name denotes, round eyeglass frames have a circular, curved shape with no harsh lines. They help soften square face shapes.


  • Flatter square line and prominently angular faces
  • Make features appear softer and more oval
  • Soften visible lines and wrinkles
  • Retro classic look


  • Might appear to widen naturally wide or round face shapes
  • Don’t provide much definition for delicate features

Those with square, diamond or triangular faces tend to most suit round frames as they balance width and soften sharp jaws.

Choosing Frames to Complement YOUR Face

Analyze your facial dimensions and angles objectively. Decide if your base shape leans towards squared lines or rounded curves overall.

Those with predominantly rounded features suit square frames best. The straight lines provide definition and structure.

Sharper, squared faces balance out with round glasses. The curved shape minimizes harsh edges for a softer appearance.

Be sure to try on a variety of sizes and shapes. Lens dimensions impact proportions also. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different frame silhouettes.

The most flattering pair of eyeglasses should align with and enhance your natural facial structure. With an understanding of whether your features lean rounded or square, choosing frames becomes much easier.

I expanded more on comparing face shapes, the pros/cons of each frame option and tips for choosing the most flattering pair. Please let me know if you would like any other details added or modified!


Do I look better with round or square glasses?

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What face shape looks good with square glasses?
Square glasses with sharp angles and straight lines tend to look best on rounder, softer face shapes