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Anti-blue lenses included
Frame & Measurements M
Frame Size (In mm)


Frame Width




Temple Length


Lens Height


Lens Width

Note: We have over 1 million happy customers. All our products come with a 30-Day No questions asked returns policy. If you are not satisfied with the fit, you can return the glasses, and we'll refund your entire purchase amount.
Key Features
    "Our lenses block up to 95% of the harmful Blue Light on the 420nm - 440nm spectrum. which means your eyes will be protected in any kind situation."
  • Blue Light Filter

  • Anti-glare Coating

  • UV Protection

  • Scratch Resistance

  • Perfect For

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30 Day Product Guarantee

At Syght Glass, we offer 30 Day Product Guarantee, which allows customers to make an equal exchange or return with no questions asked. If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your order, you may return it within the first 30 days. We even provide you with a return shipping label, no questions asked!

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Product Description

Syght Glass - Micron Gaming Glasses

Syght is high quality and stylish eyewear to protect your eyes from Blue Light of digital devices. It will provide you a better sleep and a healthier life. Your new pair of Syght computer & gaming glasses won’t just help you sleep better and improve your health, now they come with an evolved Blue light blocking lens for better protection, and a great & colorful design to keep your cool style wherever you go!

Syght's computer & gaming glasses are the perfect combination between health and style. Screens are part of our daily life now and this is why we think this pair of glasses should be a no brainer tool to use on a daily basis.

That's the reason why we put lot of effort into creating stylish and comfortable eyewear which at the same time has the best protection for your eyes.
"stylish blue light eye protection for play home work"
"comfortable nose pads fits for all face shapes anti-allergy"
"high quality hinges with firm screws"
Syght's lenses, have a coating specially developed for people who spend a lot of their time indoors and are exposed to blue-violet light from LEDs as well as smartphone, TV, tablet or computer screens. As technology evolves, so does our special Blue Light Blocking Lenses.

The pair of Henry glasses block upto 95% of the harmful Blue Light on the 420nm - 440nm spectrum. Which means your eyes will be protected in any kind of situation.
What You Can Benefit from Syght blue light blocking glasses?



Henry - Syght Gaming Glasses


Henry - Syght Gaming Glasses


Henry - Syght Gaming Glasses


Henry - Syght Gaming Glasses


Henry - Syght Gaming Glasses


Henry - Syght Gaming Glasses



Syght Gaming Glasses
Block blue lights from screens, with fresh and cool design.
Our frames are made from super light polycarbonate and they only weigh 0.88 OZ. The frame and the temples are created with TR90 to keep the glasses lightweight, strong and durable.

Product Specifications:

Model: Henry
Rim Type: Full Rim
Material: Wooden
Hinge Type: Metal
Frame Shape: Round
Weight: 25g
Frame Size: Medium
Lens Material: Polycarbonate
Feature: Blue Light Protection
Lens Type: Crystal Clear
We believe in having it all, which is why we developed the packaging of our glasses to be beautiful and durable, so you can protect your eyes and your glasses without sacrificing functionality or style.

Beautiful Package Includes:

- Pair of Henry Computer Glasses
- Protective Case
- Microfiber Pouch
- Microfiber Soft Cleaning Cloth
- Warranty Card
- User Manual

How to test

How To Test Blue Light Blocking Glasses


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. It would be our great pleasure to do something for you. Below FAQs are some common concerns of our clients before and after purchasing the products, if you have other questions, please send it to support@syghtglass.com

Frequently Asked Question



What People Are Saying About Syght Glass


"Absolutely love my pair of Syght gaming glasses. As soon as I put them on the first time, I could notice a difference. My head aches went away, and no more eye strain. Along with gaming I wear them around the house and at the work place and I would recommend them to anyone."

- Zach W.

"I have been using these glasses since past 6 months. really adore it, wear it everyday. Like others I am intense computer user and a part time gamer. Highly recommend it."

- Alexander O.

"I loved it. I tested it for a few weeks. Without them and with them. When I use them I don't get headaches from the eyes when I play games for a while."

- Emily K.

"Your glasses has made the world of difference for me! I used to get headache from watching a couple episodes on tv and gaming! After purchasing your glasses in hope of actually being able to play video games with my partner I was blown away! Thank you so much for making an affordable lenses that I can even wear to work!"

- David B.

"I stay up late watching television or playing video games with no lights on and the glasses give my eyes a rest from being affected by the blue light which caused me to get prescription glasses for when I drive at night! Love the style of my glasses and great for use when gaming for extended period of time."

- Aaron K.

"I always keep my eyes on a screen. Whether it be editing a video, gaming, cell phone, watching a movie on a plane. These glasses have kept me from having headaches, from tired, dried, and heavy eyes. Definitely worth every penny!"

- Maxwell H.

"Am an avid gamer and watch many movies/ TV serials. My eyes would hurt and tear whenever I was on the desktop at work or on my Ipad / PS4 at home, but not anymore. Now my eyes are more relaxed and I feel less strain as well. This product was a perfect fit for me. Am so happy with this purchase that am going to buy another."

- Eduardo T.

"These glasses are awesome! When i played video games I would get really bad headaches so I ordered these to try and help that. Did the job perfect, headaches gone! Super comfy and easy to wear and worth the money. The cleaning cloth was really helpful too!"

- Daniel P.

"They were alot better than I expected, they work like they are supposed to and the box came with a nice eye cleaning cloth. The glasses feel like they should be alot more expensive than they are."

- Belinda E.