How do I get my prescription?
If you do not know your prescription, you can visit your local optician or optometrist and ask them to conduct an eye test. When you are finished, be sure to ask for a copy of your full prescription.

Eye tests are available at most opticians, however please be aware that not all opticians offer one-time eye tests. Please make sure that your eye test is comprehensive (which should include the use of an eye chart) and that you leave with all of the relevant information:
  • The sphere (S, SF or SPH) and/or cylinder value of each eye (C or CYL).
  • If there is a cylinder value, then there must also be an axis value (A, As, AXI, AXS or AXIS).
How do I submit my prescription?
Firstly, choose the frame style and color you like. You will see on the product's page a tab called "Select Lens Type", click on tab and you will find lens options.
Simply tick this box and options will appear.

You can either:
  • Upload an image of your prescription
  • Enter the values of your prescription using a simple dropdown menu
I have a strong prescription that falls outside the range shown on your site. What do I do?
If your prescription falls outside the limits of each frame, we will still happily make a pair to suit at an extra cost of just $40 USD. Just email us at and we'll be happy to help!