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Crystal Clear
Amber Tinted
Blue light filtering Checkmark95% (Strong) Checkmark100% (Complete)
Anti-reflective coating Checkmark Checkmark
Anti-glare coating Checkmark Checkmark
100% UVA/UVB protection Checkmark Checkmark
Virtually clear lens CheckmarkAlways --
Polarized -- Checkmark
Available in non-prescription Checkmark Checkmark
Available in prescription Checkmark --
Safe for everyday use Checkmark Checkmark
High-index prescription lens Checkmark --
Useful as night vision glass -- Checkmark

Crystal Clear Lens – Blocks Upto 95% Of Harmful Blue Lights

Just like regular lenses - The Crystal clear glasses are designed specifically for graphic designers, video/film editors, and creative visual artists who require an equally balanced color spectrum. If your profession requires you to work in true color, then this lens option is for you. The Crystalline lens filters 95% of harmful high-intensity blue light and 100% of UV light.

Available in non-prescription, prescription. You can also get them in bifocals and progressives (if you need them you'll know what that means.)

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Amber Tinted Lens – Blocks Upto 100% Of Blue Lights

The Amber lens tint offers the best enhancement of contrast and visual performance while minimizing screen glare, and diminishing the harshest parts of the color spectrum. Our Amber lenses are specially designed for gamers who play 3-5 hours a day. Amber tinted lens filters upto 100% of harmful high-intensity blue light and upto 100% of UV light which aids melatonin production and better quality of sleep. They live on your bedside table and will help you drift off to sleep easier every night.

Available in non-prescription glasses.

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