Blue Light & UV Filter

Anti-Glare Coating

Scratch Resistant

A naturally occurring pigment is baked into our lenses to filter over 65% of blue light and 100% of UV light.
A premium anti-glare coating eliminates reflection on the lens surface, improving vision clarity.
A protective layer helps to protect your glasses from the elements, and all the drops and falls.


Crystal Clear Lens Vs Copper Lens

Crystal Clear Lens

The Crystal clear lenses are designed specifically for graphic designers, video/film editors, and creative visual artists who require an equally balanced color spectrum. If your profession requires you to work in true color, then this lens option is for you. The Crystalline lens filters 95% of harmful high-intensity blue light and 100% of UV light.

Copper Lens

SYGHT Copper lenses offers the best enhancement of contrast and visual performance while minimizing screen glare, and diminishing the harshest parts of the color spectrum. Our copper lens tint filters 100% of harmful high-intensity blue light and 100% of UV light.




Blue light impedes the brain's production of melatonin, making falling asleep difficult.
Digital eye strain negatively affects output, and can lead to a 20% loss of productivity.
Blue wavelengths can provoke headaches, sore eyes and blurred vision.