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Blue Light Test Kit
Blue Light Test Kit
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Eyewear Care Kit
Eyewear Care Kit
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Kid's size (Age 7-12)

Kids v4

Select Color: Turquoise
Matte Black
These eyeglasses are made with lightweight and flexible TR90 material. This kids' frame is flexible and has various bright color options with a matte finish. Our eyeglasses for kids are designed for optimal comfort and durability while keeping safety a priority. It comes with pre-installed anti-blue light lenses and provides the most protection from digital devices with less color distortion. It will provide your kids a better sleep and healthier life.
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Kids v4

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Age 7-12
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19 gram
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Barrel Hinges
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Our lenses block up to 95% of the harmful Blue Light on the 420nm - 440nm spectrum. which means your eyes will be protected in any kind situation.


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Fit:   Age 7-12

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No More Headaches

Say goodbye to headaches caused by digital screens. Syght users report no more migraine!

Reduces Digital Eye Strain

Enjoy digital time with blue light-blocking glasses. No more eye fatigue, No more blurred vision.

Preventive Protection

Don’t worry, these eyeglasses will reduce your exposure to potentially harmful blue light.

30 Day Return Policy

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Kids v4

$34.99 $60.00
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تتراوح أوقات التسليم من 2-8 أيام عمل ، حسب الوجهة المختارة وطريقة الشحن. يتلقى معظم العملاء طلباتهم في غضون أسبوع ، ولكن من الممكن حدوث تأخير. سنرسل لك رقم تتبع بالبريد الإلكتروني بعد مغادرة طردك للمختبر.

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